Annual Plants: Pros and Cons

12.11.2019 0 Comments

As in all things, even for annual plants, there are pros and cons, the two sides of the coin, and before deciding which species to have in the garden it is better to put all aspects of the scale and evaluate what can be advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the positive aspects:

  • annual plants are plants for everyone, even for those who are not experts in gardening because they require little attention and care
  • they are all versatile species that you can grow for inside flower beds or in suspended containers or pots
  • you can choose from a wide range of shapes and colors ranging from red to pink, from orange to red and from blue to white
  • they adapt well to all climatic conditions and also in the shade

And now we come to the cons:

  • If perennial plants grow back every spring, those in annual finish their life cycle within one year. The following year, therefore, they must be planted again

  • In some periods, if the external conditions are very humid or if the frosts are late, it is necessary to make a little more effort to make the plants bloom and to make them thrive in abundance. These species can also be affected by rot or fungus that attack the flowers, leaves, and roots

  • Some species, in order to offer abundant blooms and leaves with bright and bright colors, require a constant administration of fertilizers specific

  • In the warmer months, therefore from late spring to summer, annual plants require watering, even daily, to be kept healthy and good-looking at all times. This is a very important aspect: don’t underestimate it!

And you, have you already decided on which plants and flowers bet this spring? This period of cold and winter is the perfect time to plan, to clear ideas and to plan the garden for summer and spring! There is plenty of time but for us, as we often advise you, it is always good to carry on!

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