How to Take Care of Orchids After Repotting

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After you are done with the repotting you have two options. The first corresponds to the simplest situation, the one that does NOT involve pruning the root system. In this case you will not have to do anything in particular, if you do not resume normal daily care. Orchids will perfectly decorate your bathroom, which, by the way, we will tell you how to equip here

If, on the other hand, you have been forced to eliminate the dead roots or have had to shorten the damaged roots, you will have to intervene to help heal the wounds caused. In this case you will have to take the orchid in the new pot and place it for at least a week in a dry environment, both in the shade and protected from sudden changes in temperature.

Once the roots have healed well, you can start again with regular watering, but gradually, using a nebulizer or with the classic method that involves placing the pot directly in a basin full of water for at least 10 minutes.

What do you do when the orchid stops blooming?

Another problem, another anxiety, but there is also a solution for this. We always assume that the goal is to make the orchid bloom at least once a year and for several months.

When the orchid stops blooming, first cut the old stalk found at the base of the plant. Then place the orchid in a room in your home that simulates the conditions that will make it bloom again. To begin with, it will need at least a month of daily temperature difference (at least 10 degrees from day to night).

Placing the orchid in a room and near the window is always an excellent idea: when the sun sets, the heat will decrease and the cold will stimulate it to bloom again. Choose the window of the house that seems most suitable to host your orchid and don’t waste time!

Home remedies … that always work!

Now that you know everything, absolutely everything, what you need to do to properly transplant the orchid, we can tell you what is, in our opinion, the last precious advice to keep the orchid in the new pot in good health. The secret is cinnamon, would you ever have said that?

No, we have not gone mad all of a sudden, but we are simply telling you that a good sprinkling of cinnamon can be the solution to various problems that can occur when intervening by pruning the roots. For example, when you have finished cleaning the whole root system and are ready to repot, if you see some leaves that are a bit ruined, cut only in correspondence with that part but first … a sprinkling of cinnamon at the roots.

This is because cinnamon is considered a good natural antiseptic and will help the plant heal cuts. So remember: open the pantry, sprinkle a little cinnamon on the roots and leave to air dry for at least half an hour before cutting!

We had said gardening new year, right? So don’t be afraid of orchids, so beautiful, so elegant and from now on – hopefully – a little easier to grow and repot!

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