How to Always Have Beautiful Plants During the Winter

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Potted plants live indoors, almost all year round, or right now they are inside the house to seek temporary shelter from the freezing temperatures of these days. And what happens to the plants inside the house? Do they seem a little dull and sad? There are many people who, during the cold season, dedicate themselves …

Growing onion … without stress!

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Onion is one of those ingredients that cannot be missing in the refrigerator, or better, in the pantry, since many people suggest not to keep it fresh but to keep it at room temperature in a bag of fabric or jute. There is no sauce prepared without a good sauté with onion, on this we …

How to Take Care of Orchids After Repotting

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After you are done with the repotting you have two options. The first corresponds to the simplest situation, the one that does NOT involve pruning the root system. In this case you will not have to do anything in particular, if you do not resume normal daily care. Orchids will perfectly decorate your bathroom, which, by the way, we will tell you how to equip here

Growing Tomatoes: 10 Useful Tips

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With a sweet, juicy taste, perfect to eat raw or ideal for preparing homemade sauces and preserves: tomatoes are vegetables that can never be missing in the kitchen. And not even inside the vegetable garden. Growing them is not so difficult, you just need to choose the right variety based on the space we have …

Dracaena Reflexa: Everything You Need to Know

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New year, a new purpose: to devote yourself to gardening and to learn the secrets and tricks to best grow flowers and plants! What do you say? The time has finally come and then we are there, ready to accompany you on this new adventure! No, it is not difficult and you don’t necessarily have …

Growing Peas: The Complete Guide

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The fresh consistency and sweet taste of fresh peas make spring immediately. There is still a little missing, in fact, but in the meantime, we are moving forward! What do we know about this plant? For example, we know that the Romans believed that fresh peas were poisonous and that only at the time of …

From the Garden to the Table: Keep the Vegetables Longer

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Cultivating the vegetable garden is a job that gives great, great satisfaction and in the best of cases, we are rewarded with a flourishing and abundant harvest. But how can we organize ourselves better when we collect zucchini, aubergines, pumpkins, and salad at will? The first rule is: don’t waste! Waste is strictly prohibited. First …