The Enemies of the Christmas Star

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Sometimes it happens that apparently healthy plants die suddenly, so suddenly. The problem, in this case, can be caused by viruses, fungi, and bacteria and is not due to cultivation errors. So don’t blame yourself in this case because it doesn’t depend on you.

If gray spots appear on the red bracts, it means that unfortunately there is nothing for the plant to do because it has been attacked by a fungus or other pathogen. In these cases, the plant must be thrown away, but also the soil that will be literally infested and which cannot be used again.

There is no hope even if the water that usually accumulates in the saucer gives off a bad smell: this is due to the fermentation of already dead root tissues.

Unfortunately, in this case, you just have to throw the plant because there really is nothing more to do.

Good hopes, however, are there if you find that the leaves of the Christmas star have been infested with aphids. The constant formation of new leaves means that new fabrics are particularly targeted by pests and the poinsettia, among all the houseplants, is, unfortunately, the first to be affected by these external attacks, also because it will certainly be one of the more delicate plants you have at the moment – apart from orchids. In any case, manually remove the parasites, crush them, and then apply a specific insecticide – always ask for advice from your trusted nursery and never apply products of which you are not sure because you could further worsen the situation.

Other useful tips

These are the most important precautions to keep the Christmas star alive, then, of course, it can happen that for several factors the plant dies anyway. If this happens, wait to throw it away and say no, next year you will not buy it back at all in the world: cut the branches and use them to create a beautiful floral composition. In short, the very last beach not to have to throw it right away, here.

Cut the stems under the leaves, immerse the cut ends in boiling water for 20 seconds to remove the white sap, then place immediately in cold water. In doing so, the leaves should remain vibrant and red for a week. At this point, just arrange the cut leaves in a vase with or without other fresh flowers.

That’s all, or at least that’s all you need to know about this beautiful, colorful, lively and perfect plant to bring a touch of class into the house during the Christmas period.

Come on, come on, we are convinced that this year is the right time and that it is not so impossible, at least for once, to cultivate the poinsettia, make it arrive safe and sound on Christmas day and make it live even in the months following the Christmas, even until the holidays of next year if we are lucky.

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