Why choose the floor level shower?

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Available in various sizes and shapes, the floor-level shower is the most valid alternative to the traditional shower tray. Here are five characteristics that distinguish it, read Sanitary Reviews.

Those who dream of a modern bathroom for their home, among the various solutions in terms of systems and furnishings to achieve it without errors, can also consider the possibility of providing a shower flush with the floor.

It can be placed in any type of space, even in small bathrooms, this solution is the most valid alternative to the traditional shower tray. In this way, conventional models, provided with a perimeter edge as known, are replaced with models without barriers, keeping the whole bathroom on a single level, without obstacles or variations, albeit limited, in height. The flush-to-floor shower, which can also be adapted to corner locations and sometimes accompanied by the wall-mounted shower drain, is made with non-slip materials, which transfer sensations of warmth to the touch.

Security, hygiene, and privacy

The floor-level shower does not constitute a physical obstacle inside the bathroom, as happens with the traditional shower tray. The slab is placed on the floor, ending up completely integrated with it from a visual point of view. Also, for this reason, the choice of all these finishes should be conducted following a criterion of consistency, also keeping in mind the potential of this element in the bathroom and how space and internal paths can change.

Versatility and adaptability

For the design of the bathroom, as well as of the other rooms in the house, the advice of the operators in the sector is always an added value. If you wish to consider equipping your bathroom with a floor-level shower, take care to discuss with your trusted designer or technicians: this solution, capable of satisfying both functional and character needs. aesthetic, it requires some precautions from a strict plant engineering point of view. For example, in cases of restructuring, it is advisable to involve a specialist in due time, to verify feasibility, times, and costs.  

An (also) creative choice 

There are also some interesting variations when looking for a floor-level shower tray. Some manufacturers, in fact, allow you to create ceramic models with captivating graphics: an alternative to keep in mind when you want to furnish your home in the name of modernity and without giving up customization.

A new way of conceiving the bathroom

The flush-to-floor shower tray is an ally of the bathroom space, both in cases where there are large dimensions to manage and when the available space is small. The key aspect to take into consideration, alongside the issues more directly referable to the systems, concerns the expectations related to this project and the methods of use of this room. In a small bathroom, the absence of the classic fixed footprint of the shower tray facilitates the readjustment of the environment when the shower is not in operation (for example, making more space available for drying clothes or for other uses). In a large bathroom, the floor-level shower tray allows you to design a more fluid and open space.

For those who want a modern bathroom

Modern and innovative, this type of shower tray is designed to also guarantee full safety for users. In addition to different drainage systems, suitable for new constructions or capable of meeting specific needs related to renovations, non-slip surfaces or surfaces with embossed motifs are used that also ensure a foot massage during use.

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